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Robert's 2023 Alaska Season

Dear Clients and Friends of Blue Summit,

I’m back again from another successful season in Bristol Bay, Alaska. We had a strong and healthy run with over 52 million fish returning to the region, surpassing the historical average of 40 million. As always, it’s a powerful sight to witness the abundance of salmon charging upriver, and we couldn't be happier with this season’s outcome.

Our fishing adventures this year were filled with thrilling moments. On July 1st, we experienced our biggest fishing day since I’ve been a skipper, hauling in over 30,000 lbs. Two days later, we found ourselves in a dramatic rescue mission as we rushed to save a capsized boat from sinking. It was a fulfilling experience to help fishermen in need, and a reminder of how unforgiving the ocean can be.

I always get a few questions about how the fishery is managed, so here is a link on some of the science behind Bristol Bay. This year was another feather in the cap for the world-class science & management that is the foundation of Bristol Bay’s sustainability.

My time in Alaska was enjoyable, but now I'm eagerly looking forward to reconnecting and working with all of you again!


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