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Welcome to Sustainable & Responsible Investing

Now more than ever, your dollars are your vote!  


Our clients work with us because they want their investments to earn a competitive financial return while aligning with their strong environmental and social ethics.    


We want to learn what is important to you about your money!   


At Blue Summit Wealth Management, we have been specializing in Sustainable & Responsible Investing for over 25 years. 

Morning Mist Over Trees

Our investment models integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria into the selection of their stock or bond holdings. We also offer unique alternative investments (non-stock/bond) that provide more targeted impact into specific sectors of sustainability and social justice. Our investments also work to influence corporate change through proxy voting, shareholder resolutions, and direct dialogue with corporations. This is why it is also called triple bottom-line investing.  


At Blue Summit, we are constantly researching ways to increase investor impact.  We stay on the cutting edge of the SRI industry and have longstanding relationships with our investment partners. This level of depth sets us apart from other firms who merely offer SRI as a product.   


Blue Summit Wealth Management has been 100% focused on Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) since our founding in 1994.  SRI Investing allows your ethics to manifest in your portfolio, spurring corporations to dig deeper in their commitments to efficient energy usage, environmental well-being, waste reduction, fair employee treatment, social justice and community health. We’re confident that we can help align your investments with your values while delivering competitive financial returns. 

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