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Company Highlight – ASML

It is important for you to know how your investments are making a difference. We wanted to share a company highlight from our Blue Summit investment models.

ASML, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a prime example of an investment geared towards maximizing resource efficiency. ASML provides the lithography systems for the world’s chipmakers, such as Intel, Samsung, and Taiwan Semiconductor. Their products contribute to sustainability by allowing for smaller, more capable circuits and chips. This progresses “smart machinery” everywhere, allowing for more efficient operation in nearly all industries.

To show it’s commitment to reducing their own footprint, ASML has set goals to:

  • Become net zero (scope 1 and scope 2) by 2025

  • Cut waste in half by 2025 and eliminate sending waste to landfills by 2030

  • Reach a re-use rate of 95% by 2025 for parts returned from machines in the field and from their factories. Circular economic principles are baked into their product design, shipping and maintenance.

  • Contribute to local educational events that promote the opportunities and potential of careers in technology, such as Dutch Technology Week and FIRST

Since ASML’s technology is an essential component for chipmakers, you may be using a device every day that was partly made by the company’s machines.

We are excited to share the work of companies like ASML with our clients. They are just one example of how Blue Summit investment models provide solutions for a more sustainable future.


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Blue Summit does not directly invest in ASML. They are a holding within the Pax Environmental Markets Fund. Some, but not all clients, are invested in this fund.


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