Robert Seid, CSRIC

Partner, Wealth Advisor


(619) 698-4330 ext. 5

“I strive to bring clarity to your financial landscape and help you align your investments with your values.”

Robert began at Blue Summit in 2014 and is now a Partner of the firm.  His focus is discovering our clients’ unique financial needs and delivering a sound financial plan around responsible investment options.  Most importantly, he oversees that your life goals are addressed through an ongoing and dynamic process, and that you feel financially and ethically secure with your investments and the services we provide.  


He is also an investment advisor representative – and as such is not allowed to sell commission products, thus aligning his goals with yours.  


Robert’s path to financial services was non-traditional.  He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2009 with a BA in Environmental Studies.  After graduating, he pursued oceanography robotics working for James Cameron and National Geographic's Deep Sea Challenge Project where they dove the Mariana’s Trench in March 2012.  Since 2010, Robert has worked every summer in Bristol Bay Alaska as a commercial fisherman where he now captains a vessel in a sustainable salmon fishery.  Each season in Alaska allows him to truly connect with nature and refocus on the mission of our firm and our clients. 


Robert is passionate about environmental justice and preserving our natural world.  His time in nature has garnered a respect for the environment that continues to motivate him.  This passion inspires his work at Blue Summit to align your investments with your values and help create a better world. 


In his spare time, he enjoys surfing in San Diego, riding motorcycles, and playing disc golf at Morley Field. 


  • Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC) – 2019

  • Investment Advisor Representative – Blue Summit Wealth Management 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies

  • University of California, Santa Cruz in 2009

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