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Robert's 2020 Alaska Season

Dear Clients and Friends of Blue Summit, Another year in Bristol Bay is behind me. This season marked my 10th as a fisherman…funny that I only intended to “try it out” for a few years when I first started! I’ve now had two years as skipper of the Mountaineer, which continued to be a wonderful platform just like last year. As always, I greatly appreciated living close to the elements and overcoming the never-ending flow of challenges. COVID-19 made for a few changes while on land, but while on the water we worked as usual. Overall, Bristol Bay fared well with most cases being contained to processors with very little community spread. The last week of each season always feels like a true accomplishment, sweetened by the idea of returning home. Now that I’m back, and caught up on rest, I look forward to continuing to work with all of you as responsible stewards of your investments and financial planning.


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