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Company Highlight-Schneider Electric

We think it is important for you to know how your investments are making a difference. We wanted to share a company highlight within one of the mutual funds we use for our clients.

Schneider Electric is a prime example of the environmentally and socially focused companies we aim to invest in. Based in France with a history going back to the Industrial Revolution, Schneider’s purpose is to make the most of our electric energy and resources to facilitate sustainability for all. Their solutions span many sectors, from cleantech & cloud services to microgrid management & power distribution. As every business sector becomes increasingly reliant on electrical systems and connectivity, Schneider is poised to provide necessary solutions for the world’s climate goals. They recently won The Circulars Award for their contribution to circular economics. The tenets of this award are the preservation and enhancement of natural capital and fostering re-use or recyclability of products.

Their sustainability outlook is applied through four areas: customers, operations, communities, and employees. Their CEO serves on the Board of the United Nations Global Compact, so Sustainable Development Goals are inherent to their corporate identity. They exemplify sustainability both socially and environmentally.

Some of their efforts are highlighted below:

  • Diversity and Inclusion – Actively participate in the UN HeForShe initiative, a solidarity movement to promote gender equality. They won a Catalyst award in 2019 for their female empowerment efforts in India.

  • Pay Equity – Their Pay Equity framework covers 89% of their global workforce and they aim to extend it to 95% by 2025.

  • Energy Equality – Their Tomorrow Rising Fund has provided training to underprivileged youth. They are devoted to improving energy and connection access to underserved communities globally in over 65 countries.

  • Environmental commitments – Part of RE100, a global corporate network committed to 100% renewable energy. Aiming for a 100% electric vehicle fleet by 2030.

We are excited to share the work of companies like Schneider Electric with our clients. They exemplify the business opportunity that exists with the global trajectory towards a sustainable future.


If you would like to dive deeper into these topics, send us a note to join our Insider Series for an in-depth quarterly SRI update.


Blue Summit does not directly invest in Schneider Electric. They are a holding within the Pax Environmental Markets Fund. Some, but not all clients, are invested in this fund.


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