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Apple puts $200 million towards Forest Restoration Fund.

Apple announced it’s carbon removal initiative – the Restore Fund - that will invest in forestry projects to remove carbon from the atmosphere while generating a financial return for investors. What’s just as important as the initiative is who’s behind it. Carrying the torch is Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple. She served as head of the EPA for 4 years under the Obama Administration. She has a rock solid environmental reputation. “Through creating a fund that generates both a financial return as well as real, and measurable carbon impacts, we aim to drive broader change in the future — encouraging investment in carbon removal around the globe. Our hope is that others share our goals and contribute their resources to support and protect critical ecosystems.” The Restore Fund builds on Apple’s history of working in forestry conservation, and of its partnerships with Conservational International. For the past three years, Apple has used 100% responsibly sourced fibers in its packaging, and has improved the management of over 1 million acres of forests globally to date. It is critical for corporate leaders to address the impact of their business footprint. Responsible investors and society at large have been successfully driving big corporations to make big changes.


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