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A Third Act for Baby Boomers

One of our Vermont-based clients based is involved with an organization that we want you to know about. The organization is called Third Act and we know many of you would align with their mission. Championed by author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, their goal is to rally Americans over age 60 to change the world for the better across three main areas: climate change, stopping investments in fossil fuel industries, and voter rights.

Why target this demographic? Here are a few reasons: Those 60 and older have witnessed or participated in profound change like the Civil Rights and anti-war movements. They have established decades of resources, expertise and professional connections. Furthermore, they hold more than 70% of the nation’s wealth. Third Act believes that this demographic is uniquely experienced and equipped to affect meaningful change in the world today.

Please take a look at their guiding principles and get involved with them here to start taking action. Even if you are not in the target demographic, feel free to forward this to anyone who would be interested.


We hope to spread the word and build momentum for this worthy cause!


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