Digital Wellbeing: Finding a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Perhaps you’re already aware of this concept, but if not, we wanted to introduce you to the idea of Digital Wellbeing. Here’s two definitions of it:

Digital wellbeing: The capacity to look after personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance in digital settings.

Digital wellbeing is the conscious use of technology to defend, support and empower humans.

However you define it, the central idea to Digital Wellbeing is to uphold personal health and boundaries amidst the wave of technology in the digital age. It’s important to use technology in a way that helps us function better as human beings. 

Everyday we experience a medium of the web, smartphones, apps, and connected devices. Compared to a decade or two ago, this has been a sea change. The considerations for our health are numerous and include effects on our concentration, stress levels, and self-esteem.

Technology should be used to empower us as humans and help achieve fulfillment and growth against digital stress, anxiety, and extreme workload. It should not be a distraction from the real world, but a good base for personal improvement. This topic is gaining so much steam that Google, Apple and Facebook have acknowledged it as a prominent issue and are participating in their own ways.

We encourage you to reflect on your digital usage and how it balances with your ideal life. Here is an article offering 7 tips to add balance between your devices and your life. We hope it provokes your thoughts on your own relationship to technology!