Blue Summit’s donation supports As You Sow’s efforts on agricultural pesticides.

Blue Summit’s recent $5,000 donation to As You Sow has helped produce their latest report titled Pesticides in the Pantry: Transparency & Risk in Food Supply Chains. This report examines risks posed by the use of synthetic pesticides in our food system and provides benchmarks for improved management and transparency.

Click HERE to learn more about As You Sow’s annual reports and how they push corporate change, as well as to access the Pesticides in the Pantry report and executive summary.

As You Sow has produced reports on various topics in past years. Through these reports, As You Sow exposes which companies are leaders and which are laggards. In 2008, As You Sow produced a scorecard report on consumer beverage companies and their recycling initiatives. They polled 23 companies, and only 7 responded. The 7 that responded received varying grades, and those that didn’t respond received an “F” grade. Because of this negative press, many of the companies became interested in how they could rank better, thus opening the doors to improving their recycling programs.

The recent Pesticide Report is similar in that the goal of scoring these companies is to spur action. Only 2 companies (General Mills and PepsiCo) were leaders. The remaining 12 have a lot of work to do, and we hope they will be inclined to act.

We support As You Sow in their continued pressure to clean up corporate America. By identifying which companies need to progress their polices, and using shareholder resolutions to actually change them, we are glad to support their efforts in changing corporations from the inside out.

Please view the full Pesticides in the Pantry report HERE, or read the executive summary on the AYS site HERE.

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