Is your 401k plan up-to-date? Are you considering whether to start a company retirement plan? Offering employees the opportunity to invest in a 401k or other company sponsored retirement vehicle can help attract and retain the right kind of talent to your firm, encourage a sense of loyalty and commitment, help contribute to a positive corporate culture, and improve productivity; all key factors in your company's long term success.In addition, offering sustainable &responsible investments in your company's retirement platform sends a message to your customers and the community that you are committed to being a responsible organization and that your company is a leader within your industry. We act as fiduciaries overseeing your company retirement plan. We provide due diligence reports on the plan custodian, TPA, and fund managers, and meet semi-annually for employee education and new sign-ups. It is our goal to ensure that your retirement plan is meeting the company objectives at all times.

  • Plan Document Setup

  • Fund Selection

  • Participant Education

  • Company Retirement Plan Presentation

  • Electronic Payroll Deductions

  • Fiduciary Oversight of Plan

  • Annual Plan Review

  • Fund Monitoring

  • Form 5500 tax filing

  • ERISA testing

  • Custodian and Third Party Administrator (TPA)

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