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Sudan Divestment

May 10, 2007

The focus of the divestment movement is affecting socially responsible engagement between corporations and the government of Sudan through shareholder pressure. Come hear Eric Engelman, San Diego Representative of the Sudan Divestment Taskforce, make the case as to why targeted divestment may be the best hope of stopping the ongoing genocide in Darfur, now continuing unabated in its fourth year with over 500,000 people killed and 2.5 million displaced. Learn how the divestment movement is successfully expanding from campuses, city halls and state capitols to corporate board rooms and Wall Street.

Eric Engelman graduated Georgetown University in 2002 with a degree in Accounting and International Business. After working as a financial advisor at the largest financial advisory practice in the US, he left the industry to take up a position as the first professional staff member of a growing anti-genocide coalition within the Jewish Community of Los Angeles with over 200,000 members. He has been active in the Darfur anti-genocide movement for almost three years giving speeches and reviewing refugee relief proposals, and volunteers his time in local and private sector divestment initiatives. Eric is currently doing a fellowship in International Development and Non-Profit Management at UCSD's Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS). He also consults for the Sudan Divestment Taskforce on the Chinese oil industry and researches monitoring models of corporate socially responsible behavior.