Double Bottom Line Research

As a result of its investing strategies, SRI not only works to enhance the bottom lines of the companies and investors, but to also hold corporations to a more responsible standard and help make a better world. This is what we call the “Double Bottom Line”. With SRI, investors can put their money to work to build a more sustainable world while seeking competitive returns both today and over time.

Socially responsible investors include individuals and also institutions, such as corporations, universities, hospitals, foundations, insurance companies, public and private pension funds, nonprofit organizations, and religious institutions. Institutional investors represent the largest and fastest growing segment of the SRI world.

For the latest biennial 2012 Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the United States click here  Through surveys and research undertaken in 2012, US SIF Foundation identified there is approximately $3.31 trillion in US investments that apply various environmental, social  and governance (ESG) criteria in their investment analysis and portfolio selection. These are held by 443 institutional investors, 272 money managers and 1,043 community investment institutions.

Ample evidence of the growth of SRI is found in the increasing investment in SRI by state pension funds, university endowments, and foundations. These fiduciaries are obligated by law to seek competitive returns for the portfolios they manage. The fact that a growing number of major U.S. fiduciaries are either screening their portfolios, engaging in shareholder advocacy, or directing assets to community investing, demonstrates that these three SRI strategies do not impede financial returns.

The 2013 Moskowitz Prize Winning research paper examined the effect of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on portfolios. For this and previous year’s research papers, please Click Here:

Please find additional research and links below: 

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