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Blue Summit Open House Recap

By Shane G. Yonston & Judith L. Seid

April 6, 2007

Last Thursday evening, Blue Summit Wealth Management, one of San Diego's premier financial services firm specializing in socially responsible investments, hosted an Open House welcoming their newest advisor, Justin Martello, to the firm. Present were many clients, family and friends who came to celebrate and to hear Blue Summit?s vision for San Diego in 2007 and beyond. Guests spent about an hour catching up with old friends and making new ones while getting an opportunity to tour Blue Summit's offices.

Veronica and Loretta greeting attendees in their offices

Judy Seid, Blue Summit's founder, talked about the firms beginnings in the early nineties and her decision to promote Socially Responsible Investing in San Diego by expanding her practice and bringing on new planners. Judy discussed how Blue Summit Wealth Management?s mission, as financial stewards for their clients, is that clients are confident in the scope of their financial plan, and ensured that Blue Summit Wealth Management is utilizing disciplined financial planning solutions to integrate personal values with financial objectives, thus creating a more sustainable and prosperous life for their families and the community.

Judy addresses the attendees of the Open House

Following Judy, Justin announced the Blue Summit Sustainability Think Tank with a mission to provide a forum for Blue Summit's clients to identify ways they can promote and achieve sustainable prosperity in San Diego. As individuals, Blue Summit's clients share many values. Many volunteer for important causes in the community, donate time and energy to things they believe in, and are active in their neighborhoods. They are people that believe in human dignity and helping our communities flourish socially, culturally and economically. The vision of the Think Tank is to harness that energy and transform San Diego into a place where community, humanity and the environment are as important as material wealth.

Justin, Shane, and Lorraine meet with attendees in front of Judy's Office

Next Shane Yonston, who joined the firm in 2005, shared ways Blue Summit is already leading the way in encouraging a more sustainable economy for San Diego. In forming the Green Business Network, their goal is to bring together local entrepreneurs and business owners who share a common belief that smart business and long-term stewardship of natural and human resources go hand-in-hand. Blue Summit recently met with the San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership, which is made up of representatives from local businesses, government, academia, the military, public interest groups and a faith-based organization. As a result of that meeting, the Partnership is taking a closer look at Socially Responsible Investing as a vital component of a sustainable community that is both economically prosperous and environmentally responsible.


The Open House allowed clients to meet each other and share their views

The evening festivities concluded with a performance by Danny Barber in honor of Black History Month. Danny shared a story of learning to play the mouth harp from his cousin and played several different harps while explaining how he created the sounds with his mouth and throat. He followed this with a story of the Stono Insurrection of 1739 in which 20 slaves from South Carolina attempted to escape as they marched to the beat of two drums, signaling to other slaves to join them. After that, laws were created preventing slaves from using drums. Without them, slaves found other ways to make rhythms including the use of the body as an instrument by hand clapping and body and thigh slapping, today called "hambone." Danny concluded with an incredible hambone performance that truly captured the mood of the evening and the Blue Summit Experience.

Danny performs for the Open House attendees