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Mergers in Lineage

| October 11, 2012
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Johnston + Yount = Yonston

In August of last year Shane Johnston, Vice President at Blue Summit Wealth Management, got married. When he and his bride, Kelly Yount, were deciding what their last name should become, they took an untraditional path by combining their surnames to form Kelly and Shane Yonston.

When asked about their decision, Shane remarked, “It’s like a stock merger, where both companies have valuable histories worth preserving and, instead of ending one in favor of the other, both get carried into the future. Like 20th Century Fox, which got its name when Fox Film merged with Twentieth Century Pictures in the 1930s… except Kelly and I are maybe a little less glamorous.”

In fact a whole list of company names and their etymology can be found on Wikipedia. Interestingly, much like these corporations, family names also have origins that were often simple inventions at some point in time as a way to distinguish a person’s heritage. For example, surnames will oftentimes identify a person’s occupation (ie. Mason, Hunter or Taylor) or where they live (Brooke, Townsend or Hill), while others are given personal names (like Johnston, son of John). And so, it’s not that uncommon to simply make up a name. In fact, it’s how we all got our names in the first place!

In this day and age, many modern couples are hyphenating their last names or keeping their maiden names when they wed. For Kelly and Shane though, they like the idea of doing something new. In fact, according to Google, they are the only Yonstons on the planet. In this way, they feel they can get the best of both worlds by creating something original that allows them to fold in both of their family histories!

Feel free to email Shane and let him know what you think!

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