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2016 SRI Conference Highlights - Part 1

| November 24, 2016
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Last week, we attended the 27thSRI Conference sponsored by First Affirmative Financial Network entitled “All in For Impact”.  The SRI conference brings together industry and thought leaders for purposes of expanding our knowledge base, sharing ideas, inspiring our work, inspiring innovation, and collaborating to further the impact we can have on corporations, society, and the world at large.

Here is the 1st edition of our 2016 SRI Conference Highlights:

In for the Long Haul: Investment for a New Strategic Era

Imagine a world where sustainability is the main driver for our “Next Economy”. Through their book, The New Grand Strategy: Restoring America’s Prosperity, Security and Sustainability in the 21stCentury”, Mykelby, Doherty, & Makower, describe a strategy where the opportunities of sustainability in business can totally drive our next economy! So perhaps it will be the corporations that will lead the push for a more sustainable government, instead of the other way around.

Led by retired Marine Colonel Mykleby, the authors believe that our country is spending too much of our prosperity chasing security when we should be focusing instead on sustainability and smart growth at home. They are working to realign our economic engine, governing institutions, and foreign policy to meet the great global challenges we are facing. With the support of Case Western Reserve University, they are building a team to catalyze the adoption of a new U.S. grand strategy outlined in their book. They are working to develop the support base for a business-led strategic transition to a new national design of prosperity, security, and sustainability.


 Laws of Money - Make Better Investment Decisions

Sarah Newcomb, PhD, is a Behavioral Economist with Morningstar. Sarah’s theme was personal financial behavior and how, for many people, their money decisions can often be driven more by emotions than logic, which leads to financial self-sabotage.

Sarah suggests many people need to reprogram their thinking so that it’s not damaging to their financial behavior. The traditional model of Needs vs. Wants leads people to feel as though they must create a plan for how they are NOT going to meet their needs. Sarah believes in rethinking Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and that Physical, Safety, Love, Self-esteem, and Self-actualization are ALL fundamental human needs. She suggests using a Resources vs Needs model to develop a strategy to meet ALL your needs. She recommends you “Map” what you have (your resources) to what you need. For example; you need transportation, but do you need a car? Maybe a bus pass and bicycle will do? Every expense is a strategy for fulfilling a need and perhaps you can meet the same needs with less money and resources, thus being able to create a plan for meeting ALL your needs.

Sarah also believes in these basic investment tenants:

1)    Every dollar invested moves the global economy in that direction

2)    Long term investment returns require sustainable business practices.

She states “Why would I take 10% of my wealth to clean up the mess that 90% of the other part of my portfolio is creating?” My thoughts exactly!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 2016 SRI Conference Highlights in which we will summarize a few more of the enlightening sessions we attended!

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