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Investing for a Better Tomorrow.

Blue Summit Wealth Management

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In 1992, Judith Seid, founder of Blue Summit Wealth Management, began working in the field of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). As assistant to Jack Brill, author of Investing from the Heart and Investing with Your Values, she became his protégé, helping him manage his financial planning practice.

After just two years, she became a licensed advisor and began building her own loyal base of clients. In 1998, Jack Brill entrusted his clients to Judith as he began semi-retirement and she took over his business.

Judith's practice quickly flourished with her holistic approach to financial and life-planning, attention to detail and customer service, and commitment to enhancement of her education. With the addition of clients, services, and staff, her practice now spans over 30 states and 500 client relationships.

Blue Summit Wealth Management, Inc. was officially formed in 2005 as the foundation for growing a team of financial professionals working together to service SRI clients around the nation. We have several affiliated advisors through our Blue Summit Wealth Management branch office.

Over the years, the concept of investing for positive social change has become more visible and mainstream. Not only do individuals want to create a sustainable world through their investments, but "Green Investing" is now often seen as a smart investment opportunity.

Today, Blue Summit Wealth Management has developed a successful ensemble SRI financial planning practice, poised for a long and stable path of expanding services and sustainable growth for generations to come.